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Full Version: Legacy Parkway is open!
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I know some of you live up north of Lagoon so this topic is irrelevant since the Legacy ends in Farmington, but for people who live south of Lagoon it's a good alternative to get there.

I took a drive on it today, just a Sunday drive (it's hard to take those nowadays with the gas costs skyrocketing). It's actually quite a smooth little road, and the bridges are quite nice.

What do you guys think of the Legacy Highway? Feel free to share your opinion.
It looks nice. I just hope people auctually use it.
It would appear people are using it.
[quote author=Will link=topic=3509.msg29071#msg29071 date=1221537690]
It would appear people are using it.
The commute home went from 90 minutes to 35...

Finally something has improved her up north...