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BomBora, Lagoon's New for 2011 Family Roller Coaster, is Now Open!

Name: BomBora
Type: Steel Family Roller Coaster
Manufacturer: Lagoon Corporation, Inc., Farmington, Utah, USA
Designer(s): Dal Freeman and Dustin Allen, Lagoon Corporation, Inc., Farmington, Utah, USA
Track and Column Fabricator : Intermountain Lift, Inc., Springville, Utah, USA
Train Manufacturer: ART Engineering GmbH, Oberried, Germany
PLC Safety System: Actemium Controlmatic GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
Footprint: 100 Feet x 165 Feet
Height: Approximately 50 Feet
Length: 1,040 Feet
Speed: 31 MPH
Lift Type: Friction Drive
Trains: Two 16 Passenger Trains with On Board Audio and Lighting Effect
Cost: 5 Million Dollars USD

Colors: Blue Track with Cream Support Columns
Theme: Surfing/Beach Theme


–noun Australian .
1. a hidden reef of rocks.
2. a dangerous eddy over such a reef.

Information will be Updated as Details become Available.
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Admin Notes:
This thread is a combination of two coaster threads originally started when members of the Lagoon is Fun Team felt that Lagoon was working on two coaster projects. After some months of consideration, it has been decided that we can only physically confirm one coaster project, while we still believe a second project is in the works.
Here are the First Track Photos taken of Lagoon's "Super Secret" Roller Coaster Project! If they want to keep it so "Super Secret" they should do a better job of keeping it Under Wraps! Get It? Under Wraps? Laugh

DISCLAIMER: All Track Photos taken from Sky Scraper.
[Image: DSC07587.jpg]
Lookie What I Can See!

DISCLAIMER: All Track Photos taken from Sky Scraper.
[Image: DSC07588.jpg]
Lookie! Pretty Blue Track and Support Columns.

DISCLAIMER: All Track Photos taken from Sky Scraper.
[Image: DSC07589.jpg]
Such a Pretty Shade of Blue!
Here are Two Quick Photos of the Construction Site I took on Saturday. Smile

[Image: DSC07598.jpg]

[Image: DSC07599.jpg]

[Image: DSC07687.jpg]04/24/2010

[Image: DSC07688.jpg]04/24/2010
Those are great pictures! I am glad that we are getting more info. and have stopped guessing.


We now know the track sizes but not much more than that like is it a chain driven ride or LIM?

I am starting to lean away from a BLSC becaues the track sections are blue. Round About looks KICK-A!
Problem? If this is supposed to be the tallest coaster at lagoon, BLSC reaches like 45' and even the Round-About only reaches 95'.

-Just to add, just because the track is blue does not mean it wont be a BLSC-style coaster.
Yay, 2 credits in two years!

I like the look of all the curvy bits.
Are we thinking that this will be Puff sized or more Bat sized?
Well this coaster looks like it will be a kiddie coaster, maybe it's just me.
Wow, those are some pretty good shots from Skyscraper. My mind is going crazy over the possibilities of what this roller coaster may turn out to be. I am excited.