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Full Version: 2007 Coaster info
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Yesterday I was at Lagoon and ran into one of their marketing employees out talking to the guests. I asked about the new ride fro next year and got some interesting info. I was told the new ride design was done "in house" and only the cars would be manufactured by a European company. I asked if that meant Lagoon was fabing the track and he said they were. Having met the in house engineer through my electrical business, I must admit to being a bit afraid. The marketing guy did confirm at least two barrel rolls, but the rest of the ride is top secret. Apparently a promo video was shown to all of the full time employees over the past few weeks and the few I spoke with seemed a bit underwhelmed.

I found this posted on another forum from a gentleman posting under the name pdon. I'm not quite sure what to make of it? Hopefully Velcro can help us out, or possibly an "anonymous" employee can verify wether or not there is such a video?
Well, I started digging and asking to see what I could come up with so far.
When someone refers to full time this means, Management. I can confirm a full ride video was shown ealier in the year to most ride management, and this promo video must be one that is to be released to the public later in the year. The tension is growing as we get closer, so this should all become alot funner in the next few weeks. I would expect marketing to do some 'teasing' in the next few weeks with an announcement around frightmares. Season Pass sales are going to sky rocket by christmas.

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at least 2 barrels rolls, eh? rest of ride "top secret", eh? hohoho! merry christmas everbody!
You know if it's got barrel rolls than it already is a lot more exciting than the Bat!


Yes, in fact, there is a full computer simulation of the 2007 coaster.


REALLY! hmmm.....we need a plan to get our hands on that video
I think it's the company that designs the coaster that makes the movies.


My friend works there, I'll ask him if he can get some information on it.


I know a girl that's worked there for 3 years. I don't know if that will make her management though. But I'll ask her the next time I got to Lagoon about the video.

Ooooh, maybe the almighty pipeline rumor is coming to pass!

Mike 8)