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Operation schedule - CPrider - 01-13-2020

These are my predictions for the first 4 months of the operating schedule.

RE: Operation schedule - Willenator - 01-20-2020

Looks very plausible to me. If Lagoon does open on March 28th this year, that means it is only 68 days away! Shocked

RE: Operation schedule - clb4162 - 02-19-2020

Official Schedule is Up.  Only noticed after I got an email notification from Facebook for Lagoon's post about Campground Reservations being open for the season!

RE: Operation schedule - DeLorean - 02-19-2020

We had talked about this already, but it might be in another topic... Guess an admin might need to link them together now

RE: Operation schedule - Willenator - 02-19-2020

Too much work. Tongue