Crazy Bus Finally Happening?
(08-19-2019, 11:29 PM)DeLorean Wrote: The water park is not an "amenity" Lagoon may be treating it that way, but it's not... There are times we have come to the park and are surprised by the number of cars, how ever when we get in and Cannibal is a walk on ride we are like "WTF there was so many cars... so where are the people" The answer is "The water park" and you only have to walk by and see that it's basically full or full.
Lagoon is really missing out by upgrading the water park to take people in and then on top of that have things that bring in the extra Money. I spent a lot of time researching and getting all of the details to build a flow rider water park like the one that they have at the mall in South Africa.
Even though Durban South Africa has some of the best waves in the world they built this machine to replicate an actual rip curl and that thing brings in tons of $$$.

The sad this is that a water park does not cost that much and its return on investment is high... Hence why Silverwood did so not that long ago.
LAB is 30 years old this year. I needs to be update and if Lagoon can do something to make LAB and the park another day trip they could make so much more money.

I think that the biggest problem is capital now that they are building Primordial. It won't happen until that's completed.

As far as Crazy bus goes... only time will tell where it will go... maybe we will see some activity before Oct 30th or maybe we won't... Julie Freed said in her live thing today that it will be for next year though.
Just for clarification, from the Oxford Dictionary:

Amenity -
"a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place."

LAB is an Amenity of Lagoon and included with your All Day Passport.

If people stopped going to LAB, you might see a renovation, but why spend the money on something that works and still fills to capacity? Would I like to see LAB renovated? Absolutely! Do I understand why it hasn't been? Absolutely as well.

Also, FYI, the "Zamperla Crazy Bus" may NOT be a Zamperla Crazy Bus, but appears to me to be a Sartori Fire Brigade.

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(12-20-2019, 07:44 PM)Wick Wrote: Engine 86

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Question where did you hear that from?
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