2005 Advertising!
2005 Advertising is sweet! I did think the Bat-itude sign was dumb. But when I saw the new commeerical for the Bat its some of the ebst Lagoon ahs had since 2001's Cliffhanger adds! From the look of the ads Lagoon is abck no their way to good commercials again! The Bat is small and not a huge impressive thing, but their advertisment's for it on the Tv are very good!
That is sweet can't wait to see it, will you describe it, was it like cliffhangers with computer animation. Happy
No it didn't have computer animation I was comparing it to that cause that was the last year I thought they had good advertising. No this one has a lot of the ride going and a little bit of POV video. Very good commercial. Better than 2002 I think 02's were the worst!
Ya I will agree with you there the people flying was cheesey. I helped make the Flower Pot ones and It think the Bat ones are better.
That would be me.

Mike 8)
I saw at Costco the other day that they were selling Lagoon all day passports for 32 dollars and some change, about 33 dollars. It also came with a meal and a drink. I can't remember if parking was included. That is not a bad was to advertise, and it's even good if you want to save some money for a date, covers both dinner and a show for both.
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I actually saw the commercial for the first time the other day, and I really thought it was horrible, the whole jingle was way too corny. "everybody's doin' the Bat"?

Just my op.
yeah but thats Lagoon LOL.

Did you ever her 2002's advertising? No that one was cheesy and no thought process went on there. "Go, Go, Go Go to Lagoon!"
Man that was a horrialbe year.

The new one had its ups and downs I will agree but I thinks it some of the best to come out of the marketing div since 2001. Hopefully this trend continues.
This year's advertising is better than in the past. I think that it is as good as 1999 when the Rocket went in. Of coure the Clifhanger ads two years after that were clever.
Cliffhangers were hilarious and acutally made the park look fun.

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