Rock U2 The Top 2007 videos
This is My Love. Performed by Blake, Jt, and Steve.


that was a lot better than I expected, lol...
HAH, I remember seeing that... Too many girls screaming... lol

(I think Sid was there, because I heard a VERY High pitched Scream!

Just because Blake was my Red Bager and Blake and Steve are Friends of Mine, doesn't mean I'm one of the "Stalkers" Screaming on the Front Row! Laugh Kyle, After Puff, we can go Ride Paratroopers..........don't you hate that ride? >Happy
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No. 1 Wood Coaster: The Beast, Kings Island
Im guessing it was Sid's sister.

Unfortunately thats based on experience!

And Yer! I like Paratroopers! More than you think....

Bwuaha.... Bwuahaha..... BWUAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Remind me to take earplugs when I go to Lagoon this week.
Jordan it wasnt me! i dont scream that high pitched

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Favorite Wooden: The Beast
Favorite Steel: Maverick
Here are 4 very nice videos from Sid and Murychic.

"It's On/The Party's Just Begun"; This is the opening number. (Filmed by Murychic)


"Far Away" by Steve


"Far Away" by Gray


"Bad Day"


"My Love"

LOL @ Bad Day - I loved seeing that one live!

I think Rock U2 the Top is the best show they have at Lagoon. Everyone can actually sing!

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