Raging Waters
Just got back from Raging Waters.
Yea, I must say... I pick Rage over LAB any day.

When I wanna just play in the water, I hit Rage all day.
i have never been there they used to have one in Ogden but they tore it down. Happy
^Which one in Ogden are you talking about?
^ Classic waterslides is still there.

[quote author=kpx42 link=topic=2027.msg15449#msg15449 date=1183133891]
^ Classic waterslides is still there.
[quote]Which one in Ogden are you talking about?
Layton Surf N Swim anyone?
i love that place
DragonTamer Wrote: (Of course, if you're *really* old like me, you may even remember the slides that used to be in Newgate Mall... those were kinda fun, minus the long indoor hike to get to them.)

I remember the slides at Newgate, I always enjoyed going there because you got to see girls in bikinis when you entered the mall.
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