Hackenslash Videos
And finally the videos you have been waiting for, the one, the only, Hackenslash.

Unfortunately I only have 3 videos so far of Hackenslash, but don't despair, I plan to follow them around on Friday to try to get all of the different sets at the 3 different Venues. Sid would probably call me a hackenslash stalker but I'm just a dedicated fan.

At the Carousel Theater I was able to film two performances; The first is the set of songs that begin with the Imperial March and a song from West Side Story. On that same video they perform to Rob Zombie's Dragula. You need to watch all of it. In the second video I recorded them doing what I call the You Better Work Set.

At the Monster Chevy Stage I filmed one performance. They perform the Imperial March Set and they end with another song which I don't know the name of but if you do let me know.

Carousel Theater - Imperial March set and Dragula


Carousel Theater - You Better Work Set


Monster Chevy - Imperial March set and one other song

lol im a huge fan of hackenslash and have been for years and that "these are the eyes of a psychopath" thing right before dragula is from the halloween re-make which was directed by guess who Rob Zombie.

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