Fun House Fishy
haha :lol:
It is only laughable until it happens...
your right voovegas, maybe I shouldn't have posted that, I might give someone some ideas. :lol:
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
[Image: mba-badge-purple.jpg]

Well if we hear that someone is sueing Lagoon's new milkshake stand then we will know where they got it.
Check out the Southport's Pleasure video on this site:

(It is a zip file so Winzip or a similar program are required to unzip it!)

Brought back lots of memories of Lagoons funhouse!
I went to Lagoon two weeks ago and saw that they were doing some construction by the old fun house. I was getting excited thinking for some reason they decided to open it back up. So I asked the guy operating Terroride and he said they were putting in a new food place. I got a little discouraged as I'm sure most people would have.

Mike 8)
The new food shops are Tiki Treats and Big johns shake shack
I went to lagoon on monday and they had coming soon signs with the above names. I also took pictures and they can be view on the lagoonNerds web page at the following link

They are really good signs I hope lagoon continues doing a good job with this construction. I was sad to know that it was not the return of the fun house but I'm glad their doing somting with the space.

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