New Screamscape Rumor...
City regulations aren't set up to determine what will be fun or in your best interest but to protect peoples and businesses investments. Imagine what would happen to Lagoon if there weren't city codes and regulations and a slaughterhouse or stinky factory decided to open up next door. It would kill the park. I agree that all the regulations are frustrating and cause a lot of red tape and jumping through hoops to get anything done but they do serve a purpose.

PS... this isn't hate mail, just an opinion. :lol:
This is so BiG!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy
Screamscape posted today this

2006/2007 - New Coaster - (8/19/05) We
This is what it is sort of going to be like Happy

I hope this rumor is true
#24 has a video...

I seem to remember seeing photos on Theme park review also... I will see if I can find the link!


I'm usually the first to ignore rumors (guess I've been disappointed too many times before), but I actually would like something like that at Lagoon.
thats what I thought when I saw it
This ride looks like it could be a very good option for Lagoon... good size, good footprint, etc...
If it's going to be the talles, they'll need a bigger footprint than that. I hope this rumor does turn out to be true. If it is, then that'll really put Lagoon on the map. With Spider and an X Coaster being the first in North America, they'd get a lot of publicity too.

Mike 8)
At only around 80 feet and less than 1,500 feet of track, im a little bit dissapointed if this is where they are going, but at least it will have inversions.
It may not be the biggest coaster out there but it does look like it has a lot of fun elements.

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