New Screamscape Rumor...
Remember how putting a mine coaster in PV was in the 10 year plan? If you look on Maurer Sohne's site, and go the the X Coaster section, you can see that one of the themes for the X Coaster Car is a mine train. So Lagoon might not have necessarly been thinking of "Mine," maybe just mine themed. So Lagoon may already have thought of a place to put the ride in PV, we just might now be able to see it.

Mike 8)
I hope you are correct!
After working the coasters and noticing how much stuff is lost on them, would you want your hat, glasses, etc... back after it fell in the lagoon lake. I know someone that went swimming in that mess to get a cell phone back, he had lagoon lake colonge on for a week afterwards.
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
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If someone isn't smart enough to secure loose items they deserve to lose it.

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