Frontrunner Photo Update!!
Here are some pictures of the Frontrunner!

The really long line at the Roy station.

Ticket Booth!

Lagoon/Farmington station!

Salt Lake Central!


Lagoon From the Frontrunner!


Just Random photos!

Great pictures Lloyd! I didn't get a chance to check it out.

Lloyd Wrote:

It's like Disneyland, but crappier! Laugh
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im going to get a pas 4 the riles now
cool looking foreword to seeing
Thank You For The Photos Lloyd! Smile I was unable to take any pictures today of FrontRunner. Frown

Lloyd Wrote: The old Amtrack

The Coaches in the Foreground are Surplus NJTransit (New Jersey Transit) Coaches that Will Be Refurbished and Used on FrontRunner. This is why All FrontRunner Platforms have a High Platform (For the New Bombardier Tri-Level Coaches) and Low Platform (For the EX NJTransit Coaches). Wink The Coaches in the Background are EX Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad/Burlington Northern Railroad/Chicago Metra Bi-Level Coaches built in the 1950s and Given to UTA for Free. Those Coaches are in Such Bad Condition that the Federal Railroad Administration will not Allow them to Travel on ANY Railroad in the USA! I have no idea what UTA was thinking there, but then again it is being run by John Inglish! UTA should be run by someone who knows what they are doing! Too Bad we can't Lure Someone from Denver. Frown

That Being Said, I Know I Shouldn't be Surprised, but Obviously UTA Botched ANOTHER First Ride Event. My Maw and I Waited at Salt Lake Central for 3 Hours and Were Told a Train was Being Added, when in fact, They Removed One! It was also LAME that Trax was running Only a Shuttle Train between Arena Station and Salt Lake Central. UTA Really Should have Waited until All the Kinks Were Worked Out and Also Until Stations and Parking Lots were Finished (Pleasant Grove Excluded). UTA Should have developed a Time Table for the First Ride Event and Scheduled Trains to Leave Approximately Every 15, and not 30 Minutes. The System and Timetable Should also have been Developed so Trains Pass Each Other at Stations and Not Passing Sidings, IMO.

- Sid

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I wish I had brought my camera.
^^ So are thoes going to be used on the Frontrunner track?
^ That is the plan. Wink
Don't they already have enough trains?
^ Absolutely not. Tongue
I was not able to ride FrontRunner on opening day due to the fact that I was out of town. But even if I was in town I think I would have avoided the opening day.

On opening day for Trax many years ago I thought it would be fun to take the whole family for a ride on the new lightrail system. What a joke that was. We boarded at the Murray station going toward Sandy as their were less people going that direction. We crammed in tighter than I have ever seen it since for the ride to the Sandy station I thought for sure I was going to lose my kids and never see them again. And then once we got to the end of the line we had to exit the train and wait in a long line to get on another train back to our station. One of the trains had stalled on the trax causing a huge delay in the trains. They ended up just running the trains on one track for quite a while. After quite a long wait we were finally able to board a train to get us home.

So based on my previous experience I figured that Saturday would be challenging for those who rode it. I just hope that when they start charging for it that people will ride it. I am glad that they are having the free fare days for more days than just the opening.

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