Reviews of Country Swing Jubilee
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On Saturday May 10th Lagoon presented its new afternoon show in the Carousel Theater "Country Swing Jubilee".

[Image: normal_IMG_5457.JPG]

Don't let the word Country in the title scare you away from this one. I found the show to be quite enjoyable and very funny. The songs included some very well known popular songs and a few that I wasn't familiar with. My favorite numbers were "Thank Censored I'm a Country Boy" and "Hey Good Lookin". The cast was very talented and had very good timing on all the jokes.

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The cast members did very well with the two different audience participation sections of the show. I thought it was clever how they get a member of the audience to give their best pig calling yell.
I Thought the Show Very Good and it's something the Park has been lacking for years! It wasn't just a Country Show, it had some Bluegrass, Folk, Rockabilly, etc. and some great comedy! Smile Also, it's good to note that ALL of the Guys can sing On Key, unlike last year's Craptacular Off Key Version of some not so great and over used 80s Songs. Wink

I Give it 3 out of 5 Stars. Very Well Done!
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