Interesting Quote from the park...
This quote was in the Standard-Examiner:

"Is the park going to get bigger? Yes. Are we going to continue to put more rides in? Yes," Andrew said.

"(We're) considering a big spectacular ride a few years down the road -- different than anything we have right now."

Any guesses? My guess is a coaster over 100'
Nah, it will be a new kiddie land ride. :lol:

Hopefully it will be a 100' to start the development of the north side.
Warning: This post contains Sarcasm! Beware!!!!

Maybe it will be Lagoon's biggest Kiddieland ride yet!

If you think about it, Lagoon seems to be heading in that direction. First they add two Kiddieland rides and redo the scenery and look of that area. Then the following year they add in a new Kiddiecoaster (Bat). Now they just need to add this massive Kiddieland ride that will put Lagoon on the map!

Non Sarcasm Part:

I am kind of happy that Lagoon has focused on it's younger audience these last two years. For awhile their I had thought the park forgot them. Now after two years of catering to the kiddies I can't wait to see Lagoon put something nice in for the rest of us.
I'M SO EXCITED for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that next year is going to be a kiddieland ride. If Lagoon is planning on getting a big coaster or something, there isnt' going to be something big the year before it. Lagoon just doesn't seem to like to spend a lot of money. Maybe they will come to their senses and add a thrill ride next year that's not an X-Ventrue ride.

Mike 8)
I'm Just happy that their getting somthing big,well big for lagoon Happy

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