S&S Sports Park
Does anyone know when this park will be up and running?
If I remember correctly the rides that are there now open occasionally. I don't know if there is a schedule yet or if it's just weekends. I'll get in contact with my family back in Brigham City (they are the ones giving me information regarding the S&S Funpark) and see if they know anything else.
I drove up through there once and saw somebody walking along the racecar track. My guess is he was inspecting it. I also think I saw a couple in line for the track, so it might have been open. My aunt is going to talk to him and try to get me into the plant for a tour. I'll see if she can also squeeze some info out of him on the park.

That would be great. Keep us updated!
It's running for sure. ACE just went there a couple days ago.

Mike 8)

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