Logan Celebration Centre closing
I know I haven't been around a lot this summer.  Disappointing for everyone, I'm sure.

Anyway, I saw this on KSL and I thought I'd pass it along.  I think the property is already sold and the big rides are being shipped off to Nevada.  Apparently the mini golf and the other smaller attractions are staying open.

Made me want to cry.  I loved the Sky Sling suicide seats.  Wah...


GAAAHHHH!!!!! I was going to go ride sonic boom soon!
So is it closing after this season? I was planning on heading up in 2 weekends.
I haven't called, but the website is pretty much gone now.
The number is 435-752-4215 if anyone wants to. I would right now but my mom isn't home and it is long distance for me so I would have to ask her.
I called and I got an answering machine. It said that their last days of operation were LAST WEEKEND. I was not able to ask them where they were moving the rides to. AARRGGHHH! I was going this saturday! WHY?!
This is very disappointing news.
We can always hope they show up in Wendover.
That's true but that means that the drive for me will be much further.
Glad I got my Ride Credits after it Opened. It's sad CC couldn't survive.
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