Deseret News Article 7-31

[quote="Aaron Falk"]Deseret Morning News, Sunday, July 31, 2005

Roller-coaster fans take the plunge at Lagoon

113 members of U.S. group salute historic ride with a plaque

By Aaron Falk
Deseret Morning News

Whether they're going 80 mph backward and upside down through a triple loop, or sailing along at a smooth 40 in an old classic, they just love roller coasters.

Thrill seekers plummet down the first hill of Lagoon's Roller Coaster Saturday. The wooden coaster is one of the oldest in the nation.

Brian Nicholson, for the Deseret Morning News
Saturday, 113 members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts came from 34 states to honor Lagoon's Roller Coaster, the third-oldest operating coaster in the nation and the sixth-oldest operating coaster in the world.

The group presented the park with a plaque Saturday and
Is the plaque up now? Or is Lagoon still trying to find a good place for it?

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