Vampire Awakening 2008
You can thank Sid for prodding me into adding last season's Videos. I have been meaning to add them, I just hadn't done it yet.

I will start off with Vampire Awakening. With a very talented cast of Vaden, Cory, JT, Mickele, Emily and Jazzy.

This year they added 3 new songs and removed two from last years lineup. Very good improvement and a very powerful show. The show was very popular this year.

I love your comments, please let me know if you like the videos.

Rock On Enjoy! Rock On

Intro music, Disturbia, Bringing Sexy Back and Release


This Is How a Heart Breaks


Lady Marmalade


Smooth Criminal






I Feel Love

Nice videos.
I think the show is better in person and worth the hassle to get a seat. But these videos are the next best thing to seeing it in person.
Did u notice release was shortend?!

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I noticed it was a much shorter section than last year. But with the addition of Disturbia, it really is a nice three song set. The total time for the three songs is about 15 seconds longer than last years two song set.

Here is the opening number from last year, 2007, if you would like to compare the two numbers.


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