Hackenslash Demonstration Team 2008
This is the last of my Frightmare Videos.

Hackenslash performs before most shows on all three stages throughout the park. Very fun and very popular.

I only watched and filmed them once at the Meadow Stage. The sound didn't record there very well. So I only have videos from the Monster Classics stage and the Carousel Theater.

This year I was able to see the last show of Vampire Awakening and before that show started Hackenslash performed a Hackenslash marathon. They performed all of their different dance numbers at one time. Usually they only perform 2 numbers at each stage. and to see all of their acts you need to travel from venue to venue. It was a fun way to end the very succesful run of Frightmares.


I don't know the proper name of each set that they perform so I choose a name that I think is appropriate for the set. One of the sets, I have no idea what the songs are called, so I just it the Body Bag set. If you know what the real title of each set is called please comment on it.

Beat It set


Body Bag set


Oompa Loompa's set and Dance Dance set


Can't Touch This set


A few more from the 2008 Frightmares season from the final perfomance of the season performed on the Carousel Stage.

You Better Work set


Beat It set


Cant Touch This set


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