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In Rock of 1999 a guy named Zack was in one of the Two casts. Zack was then in rock for another year in 2001. He also was in zombie mombo for many years. He was also Lover boy in The Witching Hour in 2000, and was Fender in The Frankie Bunch 2002.

Here is Zack's Bio from the Dance War Website on

BACKGROUND: Zack moved to Utah from Arizona with his Mom and three brothers at the age of 7 when his parents divorced. His father lives in Arizona with his second wife and Zack's 10 yr old half brother. Zack's Mom is a hairdresser and money was tight when they were growing up. They moved around Utah a lot and he went to 10 different schools. His eldest brother, Matt, has Downs Syndrome but went to the same schools as Zack and was always really popular and would protect Zack from the school bullies. Zack struggled with being the new kid all the time at school. Zack's Mom is now married to a close family friend who is very much a father figure in Zack's life.

Zack is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. When he was 21 he served a two year mission for the church in Ghana and Sierra Leone. He says that those two years were the most significant in his life, he learned a lot and says he really matured.

Performing is in Zack's blood, his Mom and Dad always sang together (this is one of his only memories of his parents together) and his uncles are musical theatre performers. He started dance lessons when he was 14 and when he was 17 he and his cousin Jeremy moved to Florida to be part of a boy band. He spent a year in Florida making an album and looking for record deals and they were sponsored by the wealthy father of one of the kids in the band. Zack and his cousin however decided to leave the band after a year; the way they were depicted as sex symbols and the bad language used in the songs went against their religious beliefs. Zack has just taken a year out from studying nutritional science to give it one last shot at performing and if he doesn't make it aims to eventually become a dentist.

CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Mature, sensitive, very spiritual, confident, and charismatic. He regrets not giving performing his all when he was younger and feels this show is his last chance to make it so is very determined.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: Zach thought he should be chosen for the show because he's one of the few people who can sing and dance equally as well. When asked what has been the biggest challenge he's had to overcome to pursue his dreams, he said, "This is a tough industry. It's very difficult to 'make it.' So for the past couple years I've been scared to go for it in fear that I'll have nothing to fall back on. I'm 25 years old, so it's difficult for me to pull away from my education to try and pursue my dreams. But I'm ready to try." He feels he excels in Jazz and Hip-Hop dancing, and can fake tapping, but has never been able to grasp it. When asked what inspires him to dance, he said, "Dancing is more of a release for me than anything else. It helps me clear my mind and relax. That's why I love it so much."

He lists pop and alternative as his favorite singing styles and that his uncles were his inspiration to start singing. When asked what he hopes to get out of this experience, he said, "I hope to not only win, but improve myself as a singer/dancer and person in general. I hope to gain the knowledge I need to be able to achieve my dreams of becoming a performer."

Zack enjoys many other activities besides dancing and singing, including cliff jumping, traveling, soccer, football, basketball, rock climbing, snorkeling, hiking, biking, and swimming. He thinks his love for other people is his greatest quality, but also his worst because it causes him to avoid confrontations. He says he is a very competitive person, but is very good at hiding it. He is most scared of the audition process because he doesn't feel he ever shows his true colours when he auditions.

On the last night of Lagoon Zack and Jake came to dinner with us at chilli's. I asked him how he was doing with Dance Wars. He then informed me that they have a single out! It's on iTunes but if you dont feel like getting it just yet there is a Myspace page for it]htt...mbruno1994  It's an awesome song. If you like it tell your friends, tell your family tell who ever! Here is the link to his myspace also

Coaster Count: 73
Favorite Wooden: The Beast
Favorite Steel: Maverick

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