Deaths at lagoon?
has anyone ever heard of people dying at lagoon? just wondering because i found 2 storys of deaths that happened in 1989
the storys dont say they happened at lagoon but they happened in farmington and one of the descriptions sounds allot like it happened on puff

just wondering...

if you have links to news articles would be apriciated (if there are any)
Yes, there were two deaths at Lagoon in 89.
Those deaths happened while I worked in kiddieland, they were terrible, and the after effect on the park, and employees, sucked. You are a morbid person if you want to know more about this. I will say this, most of the new saftey regs and procedures developed from these tragedies, and the industry is better for it.
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
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i just wanted to know if they happened at lagoon...
I don't think it is morbid to want to know more... just curiousity.
And lets all keep our fingers crossed that those will be the only two for a long time to come!
Amen to that!

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