Music Playing Rights For The Musik Express?
I was curious does Lagoon have authorization to play the songs they play on the Musik Express each year. Because I know when I have done rides before they just had a supervisor get a music playlist that is clean with no swear words and burn it onto a blank cd and play it in the cd player that they have underneath the ride. So I was curious if Lagoon could get sued cause they might not have the copyright for the songs. Even if they did get the songs legally because their not paying the music companies or artists for playing their music. Allthough I know its a different story if it was done by satellite radio cause then that station would be paying. But I know for a fact that its done just off a cd player. Anyone know?
How was it done before they used CDs?
Lagoon uses a Satellite Music Channel for their Music. There are many providers of Services of Non Commercial Music like Sirius/XM. Before CDs, there were Cassettes. Music used to have to be approved by an Area Lead, etc.
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I always thought it was the radio. lol
(03-04-2010, 07:58 PM)UtahDude Wrote: I always thought it was the radio. lol

i did too til i worked it and also last year they used cd also when i worked it if you look to the left of the line enterance there is a little dooor that opens up to a little storagr place and they have the player there.
I imagine they run a tighter ship these days but I worked at Lagoon operating Skyirde south, Rolloplane and Music Express about 20 years or so ago. Back then they had a tape deck in ten operators booth and just played tapes. Many of us operators made our own mixed tapes and played them all the time. No one ever told us we couldn't so we did.

Being 16-17 at the time we had no clue about copyright laws or anything of that nature.
(03-04-2010, 07:58 PM)UtahDude Wrote: I always thought it was the radio. lol

I also thought it was the radio, then after going to the park a lot and noticing a lot of the songs were played often, such as
"Party in your Bedroom" by Cash Cash;
(which is now one of my favorite songs)
It probably is some kind of satellite radio thing;
Like someone already said.
Fer sure bomb.
Well, at PCMR they have XM radio. And do any of you ever listen to XM? Because it could be KISS XM or The Pulse
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Back on topic. I bet it is CDs with a lot of music on them. I think lagoon would rather do that than mess with satelite. And besides, they don't want a lot of talking and commercials while on ride. Tongue
I think they should use music from 45's which would play on a giant jukebox in the center of the ride with flashing neon radiating out from it as well as around the entire ride. haha.

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