L'ORAGE 2010
they must have listened to me when i said to u Velcro they should bring the show back....they extended it!!!! so has almost everyone seen the show so far????
this show is good but after you watch more then like two times it gets really boring!
Before the show it specifically announced that your were allowed to film and take pictures just no flash photography. Well my video got taken down off of youtube due to the copyright clam of Manhattan Creative Group on August 16, 2010 and I only uploaded it cause they said it was ok and now I got one strike against me and only have 2 left. But since they said it was ok to film thats considered as fair use and its not like the owners of the show wouldnt of heard that filming was allowed or they would of told lagoon that they didnt want people filming, its just not right.
That would explain why all the various videos of this disappeared off of YouTube recently. I was wondering what was going on.
Yep the reason why mine got taken down was because in my discription it said  2010 deathbyillusion and I was just taking credit for recording the video not the show. Anyways the director emailed me about that and had made some call and said thats why it got removed by their lawyer and they he told the lawyer that he should of contacted me first about changing that. Then he apologized and contacted youtube to remove the copyright strike against me. Since he wasent the one that submitted it. Everything is fine now and it went back up and I asked the director if I should remove it myself and the director said well juat to be safe and not have to worry about the lawyers again just remove it yourself. Anyways I just want to say that I loved the show. Also the director hopes that they can come back to Lagoon next year.
I am glad that you got the strike removed. That is good. By the way, it wasn't just your videos. I had placed about five or six people's videos of the performance on playlists and they all came up missing the same time your's did. So, I am thinking that the director was right in saying to keep it removed to avoid any further trouble. It's too bad though because it could excite people for the show in the event that they return next year. I hope they do with a whole set of new acts because I really enjoyed it as well. Best entertainment show Lagoon has had in years!
Does anyone happen to know the names of the performers? I just uploaded the 48 photos that I took of the performance, and I would like to credit them in the comments of the photos. I was a little disappointed in my camera for not being able to handle the darkened show too well, but at least I got some photos.

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