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(05-13-2011, 07:16 AM)gregwibert Wrote: Sounds like we need a POLL! The results should be interesting Smile

Okay! If a poll is what you want, a poll is what you get:

(05-13-2011, 12:03 PM)Velcro Wrote: I think you get into a fight with at least one person a year regarding Lagoon's entertainment. This year's fight happened before the shows even opened up!
You and I and many other members of this website know this was not a "fight" and I was Laughing my ASS off the Entire Time! Laugh

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(05-13-2011, 02:45 PM)linearinduction Wrote: You and I and many other members of this website know this was not a "fight" and I was Laughing my ASS off the Entire Time! Laugh

Good point, but you still have a debate like this every year with at least one person from entertainment. I chuckled when it happened too.
Has anyone seen the new Cirque show this year and if so how is it????
I looked it up on Youtube, and somebody posted a video of one act. Definitely not the quality of show they had last year. Frown


I had also checked the Cirque Innosta website, which said L'Orage was touring, so maybe this was the best Lagoon could get since all the indoor ones were not available.
My guess would be that since Lagoon only planned this for one week, they did not see a point in getting a show as extravagant as last year. Cirque Innosta is still an amazing group, and I hope that Lagoon continues to hire them to perform at Lagoon. I was saddened and surprised to hear that they were only performing for one week because of how popular they were last year. I know a lot of people who actually went to Lagoon mainly to see their show last year, and I normally do not hear people comment that the reason they went to Lagoon was to see an entertainment show.
I think it would be cool if Cirque Innosta permentally moved in to the opera house and performed. They could still tour in the off season. But from what I saw in the opera house last year, it needs some renovating and refurbishing.
I don't know if Lagoon could afford to permanently keep the group performing at the park, and I don't think they really have an interest in renovating the Opera House.
Went to Lagoon today. Cirque Innosta was surprisingly pleasing, though my expectations were down due to it being outdoors. Still, a very worthwhile show, but it will only be around for so long!
Tomorrow is the last set of shows.

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