Past Entertainment
It's always sad to see some of Lagoon's entertainment go away (and some it's better without them).
HA Lagoon on Ice i so remember that, it was in the Davis Pavillion, it lasted like a year. one i miss was Summer Rythem, it was at the carosel stage before they remodled it. They had a live bad with like 4 singers, this was in the early 90's. the relaced it with Rock To The Top. I miss the old shows, lol. As for the divers, I remember that one too. it was where Sky Coaster is now. at one point in the show they would bring people on stage to rate some of the dives, I was taken up there once, it was so cool. I was like 10 I think
Laugh Yeah they took you on stage to get you wet. The divers did an employee party once, they set a world record for the highest dive with a person on fire, or something like that. The ice skating show was boring (course I don't like ice skating) the rink was to small for a good show. The magician and juggler that went around the park was fun though.
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
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Definately the Divers is what I miss!!!! Was so mad when they stopped having the diving shows...
Smile, it will make people wonder.
I remember the diving show. Amazing.
Well my favorite was removed recently, Monster Mash, boy was I mad to find it gone this season, it makes me sad. That
Oh I forgot one, they had this the year Velcrolady and I started, the name was Dinky The Clown, lol I hated that guy. he had The Really Big Show By The Really Big Shoe. I would always work Baby Boats and had to hear him all the freaking time. we would also have to hear Rock To The Top and we learned all there songs and stuff. it was funny cause a bunch of the ride operators would talk about how we could do the show better then them. HAHAHA those were the days
Oh yeah monster mash, that was a good move on lagoons part. "Let's use them in all of our advertising, then we won't use them during frightmares. Brilliant, no one will notice."
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.
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