Lagoon's abandonment of it's History
I'm so mad they got rid of Lake Park. I didn't even know how old it was until we found out it was being taken down and talk started at FS about it. I'm really angry that Lagoon would take out such a historical landmark and just trash it!
2004 was the total year of historical destruction which began with the taking out of the Bamburger memorial. Better watch out the Bamburger fountain might be next.
I wouldn't be surprised if they did remove the old fountain. The upkeep has been aweful for years and the focus really isn't there like it used to. The last time I went to Lagoon I didn't really see any of the lights working on it. I would love to see that old fountain working like it used to. (A lot of the park I would like to see it working like it used to.)
Lagoon need to remember its history. With it being so small. At least maybe build a little museum about it instead of removing it all. If they had to remove it for a new huge ride maybe it would be alright but removing the bamburger memorial had no point.
I would think that someone had some reason for removing that memorial. Whether it be because someone didn't like it or whatnot, but for me personally I couldn't see them removing it for no reason. I did notice that there was some type of a booth there in place of it when my wife and I first visited Lagoon last year. Maybe that was the reason.

Stupid reason or not Lagoon removed it. Maybe we could try to find out why it is gone and if they have any plans for it.
Well they added electrical lines there so they didn't have to use extension cords to power the bounce back booths but I thin kthey could have lft the monument but I hope they have plans to bring it back.
I dunno I got a good look at the piece of the lake Park and it look pretty small piece they really tore into it
I think the Rose Terrace might be taken out also
Why would they get rid of the Rose? It's far enough out of the way isn't it?
According to my sources the only terrace that was removed was the Lake Park.
Ah cool
I had heard others were going to be removed but i will trust your source Velcro.

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