Splash Mountain Complete experience Front Seat (HD POV) Magic Kingdom WDW
This is with the new safety restraints and as you can see in this video they really make you pull them down some people were slow at pulling them down and the castmembers kept telling them to pull them down but if there so concerned why do they start sending them off on the ride before they have pulled them down. They also don't really do any good either. Some stupid person will try to make a game out of it and stand up still just to say they could and get hurt and or even killed cause its not hard to stand up still with the safety restraints.

Also from one of the Managers I know tat works at Disney World he told me that one of the big reasons they put the safety restraints in is cause people were getting out of the car and touching and breaking props and animatronics.

Splash Mountain Complete Experience Front Seat (HD POV) Magic Kingdom WDW


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