What was your favorite ...
Is there something that you absolutely loved at Lagoon that now no longer exists? I am curious what old parts of Lagoon you people enjoyed.

Mine would have to be the old remote control boats that used to sit in front of Game Time. I would play with those boats at least a couple of times a day!
Mine would have to be Speedway! I loved Speedway it was better than DTR i think. I loved going to lagoon just for Speedway! And when I went out to Cedar Point this year and I got to ride 3 different oens there I was so excited!!!!
ok mine would have to be speedway
Seems like a good theme we have going here. Speedway Sr. would also be a part of Lagoon that I miss. I spent a couple years working Speedway during the month of October when it was known as Troll road. I loved dressing up as a troll and running after all the guests driving around the track.

Another piece of Lagoon history that I miss is the Tri-Star. For the years that it was there while I was visiting the park I loved that ride. And I still think I'm a little bitter to see it go. That is one ride that I would love to see come back.
I also miss the Speedway. We would wait in that slow, slow line in the hot sun every time we went. And for what? Not much, but I loved it.

I remember those remote control boats, too. If I remember right, you could drive a truck around the edge of the water, too, right? I never got to play with them, but I remember always watching them from the Sky Ride.

I miss the Roll-O-Plane too even though I only rode it once about a month before it died. I liked the sound it made.
Yes there was also a truck that could be driven.
I miss Carpet. I loved riding carpet. It was another ride I cam to lagoon for.
That is so true. Flying Carpet was also another fun ride that Lagoon used to have. It seems all the fun rides on the north end of the park disappear.
I miss the funhouse to that place was great.
You wouldn't miss the fun house if you had to work it. It was nothing but a giant babysitting center for Lagoon. Of course when we did watch parents drop off their kids so they could go elsewhere, we would call security to pick up a lost child. Rather have them babysit other than me.
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