This years entertainment
Has anyone seen this years entertainment shows yet?
Rock U2 the top is REALLY good this year.

The Music USA is bad,
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Rock U2 the top is REALLY good this year.

The Music USA is bad,
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Well, yes.
Quote:I guess that's what you get when you lose cast #1 during rehearsals... then lose cast #2..... and have to call back your 3rd and 4th choices for the show.

I have been doing singing and dancing but mainly acting for 3 years. I have been in 7 productions and have preformed as Horton in Suessical the musical. I am planning on auditioning next year. It makes me tear out my hair out to hear they are getting worse. I mean Lagoon has some good sources of talent. I have seen much talent in my 3 years of performing. Maybe they should consider advertising for auditions more because there is a lot of talent out there they just need to know where to find it.
where did ya do Suessical? I say that play about 2 years ago and the actor for horton had a really good voice. just wondering if you could be him.
I preformed at Children
to answer your question why they had to pick there third or fourth choices, is becuz the people that were in the original cast all had other things to do. the night show actually was going to include: shayla osborne in her 4th year at lagoon, ashley granther 3rd, richard lopez, his 2nd, nick berg who is in the show this year on his 2nd term, heidi 2nd, and then nathan copier his 1st, but after they chose the casts in feb during march many quite becuz they recieved better jobs with pay, entertainment doesn't pay enough at lagoon, so that's why not many talented people perform there, some do becuz its what they love and money is of no importance. the rock show does it for fun and fame, the nite show does is for fun and money, and well the day shows, well they're just there! lol but thats why mostly
While I do agree with you that the talent level of this year's Music USA show is not as elite as years past have been, I think it is unfair to call the show bad.

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