Cannibal Now Open At Lagoon Park (HD) ABC 4 Utah NEWS
Video Courtesy Of and used with permission from ABC 4 Utah News!
FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) Cannibal, a highly-anticipated roller coaster at Lagoon Amusement Park is now open. 
The ride officially opened at 3 p.m. Thursday. 
According to Lagoon's website, the coaster lifts riders 208 feet and plunges them into a 116° beyond vertical free-fall into an underground tunnel. 
Lagoon boasts Cannibal as its most thrilling ride- including a 140 foot tall inverted loop and water feature. Riders travel up to 70 mph over 2,735 feet and through 3 inversions. 
Lagoon posted this on its Facebook page Friday: 
During Lagoon's limited public opening of Cannibal, guests may experience late openings and brief interludes in order to perform maintenance and make adjustments. Lagoon will do its best to minimize down times. We appreciate your patience!
YouTube user Deathbyillusion shot this first person point of view video of the ride. 
For more info about this please visit this article on Good4Utah here:
Cannibal Now Open At Lagoon Park (HD) ABC 4 Utah NEWS

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