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I've come to notice nowadays many theme parks are developing apps... I know Lagoon technically has an app, but it has not been updated since 2016. As a Computer Science major, do you think it would be worth it to try to develop a Lagoon app? Would you use it?
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For me, it depends on what the app does if I would use it or not.
I didn't even realize Lagoon had an app. I installed it for kicks & giggles. Oh, oh... boy. That's a tad embarrassing. Surprised to see that it offered "AR functionality". Hard to test from my bedroom, what with the lack of rides, but judging by the fact that the app doesn't actually fit the screen size on my phone... I'm not holding out great hope.

Assuming a non-official Lagoon app, you could probably do a couple of basic things that would maybe be helpful for first-time/infrequent visitors. I'd say basic stuff you'd want to have in it would be basic park info (schedule, current prices, etc.), info on lockers, a section on food & dining options (map of food stands, list of food options, info on mugs, etc.), section on rides filterable by type (coasters, kiddie rides, family rides, etc.) and by height requirements. And, of course a map of the park; ideally, a location-enabled map that shows your location relative to attractions/points of interest nearby (bathrooms, food stands, games, lockers, etc.) If the map had an actual top-down/3D view of the park that was to scale, that'd be ideal (not just an overlay on top of the scan of the park map which, while pretty, is hardly comprehensive).

Maybe current weather & park conditions would be cool, too... webcam might be nice, if possible.

Nothing compelling in an app like that for me though, certainly not if it costs anything more than free, but I'm hardly the target market for an app like that.

If it were actually Lagoon doing it with a proper app developer and e-commerce integration, it'd be not so bad to offer ticket sales through it, and I'd love to see them be able to do something like order food via the app & have a pick-up line at some food stands, plus being able to buy tickets for X-Venture stuff and show up at a reserved time would be nice (instead of having to waste an hour waiting in line for Skycoaster after buying tickets in person).

That app I might use once in awhile, but again, only if it were free. Frankly, there's not much food at the park I can even eat anymore, and Lagoon could already have reserved times for Skycoaster if they actually wanted to make that experience better (which they clearly don't), so... I don't know. Cool, yes. Necessary, no. Just not sure it's worth the cost of development for ROI, but, y'never know.

Oh, quick additional thought: one thing I think WOULD be cool in an app is an interactive tour guide for Pioneer Village, especially with QR codes or AR/geofencing. There's so much amazing history up there that would be fun to be able to share with folks via a companion app that there's no really good way to convey now.
I have always thought that it would be cool to have average wait times on the rides. there's an app like that for Disney land.
I'm interested in learning about IT stuff, currently learning HTML. I would also like to learn about creating apps so I might take a crack at it to see if there is really any interest. I have used ones that were created for Disneyland so I could use those as templates or examples. I could see if I could create one that integrated with this site/forum so users could post to this forum as well as some of the other functions mentioned here.

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