2017 to 2018 Off Season
Greg sent me some more pictures from earlier today. I was attempting to share them earlier from my phone, but it wasn't working.

[Image: J60JN5v.jpg]

[Image: 1CHMTw6.jpg]

[Image: Ga6a5A1.jpg]

New south bathrooms:
[Image: HBYZSLD.jpg]

[Image: lnfbvcL.jpg]

New building on the north end:
[Image: y2zaLI4.jpg]

This one makes me laugh. As you can see, Greg caught the leaf blowers taking a small break:
[Image: bXoy10i.jpg]
LOL, the leaf blowers abandoned their post!  Laugh Laugh Laugh

You can also see the electrical conduit termination within the new north cinder block building.

Thank you Will for posting these for me  Happy

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