We're coming back!
I grew up with Lagoon. Went at least once per summer until about 13, when my aunt started buying us season passes for our birthdays. That lasted about 11-12 years until us kids started getting married and the cost became too great for her. Sadly, when the passes quit being given to my wife and I, that was it for us. Here's an idea on how long it's been: the last time we were at Lagoon, Wicked didn't exist!
Now this year, we decided for our "big thing" we would finally splurge on season passes! Now our son just celebrated his birthday so I told my siblings that in lieu of a toy for his present, they could go in and buy his pass for him. (Which makes it easier on us too!)
Now also, our son has been to Disneyland 6 times, but never Lagoon. So we're excited to see his reaction to this piece of my childhood.
Another aspect I'm looking forward to is that I've really started to enjoy photography. I've really loved chronicling our trips to Disneyland. I'm excited to go and capture the park that I grew up with. See how much it recaptures that magic it had when I was a kid.

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Awesome! Welcome back! I think Lagoon has improved overall, but there are some things from my childhood which are dearly missed. The new roller coasters will be a nice treat for you I think. The crowds are going to be bigger than you remember, but they're a lot better than Disneyland. It may not have the intricate theming, stories, characters and dark rides that Disneyland has, but it's still a fun and unique experience, and Lagoon beats Disneyland by a good measure when it comes to thrill rides. Lagoon is still just as fun, and you'll probably find that there are some things that haven't changed one bit.
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So much has changed since even Wicked was put in, so you are in for a treat, especially for the kids. They will have SO MUCH TO do there, and there's Dole Whip too!

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We're really looking forward to it. My son just barely crossed 40" the last time we visited Disneyland so he was able to do Big Thunder Mountain and he loved it so he's already acclimated to coasters. I do agree with Jetstar, while Lagoon isn't as big or flashy, it does have it's own unique identity and it's own form of fun to offer. Even though my son hasn't ever been there, he can identify the park every time we drive by it. He's really excited to finally be able to go!

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That's awesome! Believe me, your son's going to have an absolute blast at Lagoon.
(01-08-2018, 07:55 PM)Gregory Wrote: That's awesome!  Believe me, your son's going to have an absolute blast at Lagoon.


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