Winter Walking Tour
Seems like Lagoon could do something like this.
I've thought that for a few years. I think it would be awesome.
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The Lost History of Saltair -- Coasters Connected -- No Limits
That would be pretty cool; I always enjoyed seeing the park in winter... so peaceful & quiet. Would be fun to do again.
They should include the maintenance building too.
They'd have to have a dramatic shift in their marketing ideas to do that. You'd totally be able to see things like construction of a new north midway, revamp of the interactive fountain, replacement of Roller Coaster's trains, and (crossing my fingers) Dracula's Castle being re-imagined.

Honestly, I'm indifferent to the idea. I'd love to go in and look but I'd probably rather they get as much stuff done in there as possible before they take time to make the park safe for guests to walk around. The Lagoon trail is good for me for now.

I do think they should re-evaluate their marketing strategies though.
Twirling Ribbons 
(01-20-2018, 08:02 PM)jetstar2 Wrote: They'd have to have a dramatic shift in their marketing ideas to do that. 

I'm betting a lot of us agree.

Guest services told Shane and I they were building "something" during Cannibal construction but denied it was a roller coaster or anything significant (just one example). Most marketing departments (Cedar Point's included) would encourage and feed the GP's excitement (which would probably result in more admission sales).

I would like to take a look in the maintenance building. It'd be great to see the kinds of tools and equipment they use to maintain everything.

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