Opening Day Visit 2018
So as some of you know, today marked the first visit for my wife and I in about 13 years and it was my sons first visit ever. (He's been to Disneyland 6 times however....haha) He woke up very excited though. The first thing he said after he woke up was "Today is Lagoon!"
Definitely can say a LOT has changed! :-P Tons of new additions to kiddie land. Our first ride was Jumping Dragon, which my son loved. We also made it on Bombora, the Bat, Scamper and the Tidal Wave. My son really enjoyed every ride he went on. After Tidal Wave my brothers went with me to Wicked, which I have never ridden while my wife took our son to the helicopters. She said he rode it twice cause he loved making it bounce up and down. Wicked was really fun, but I didn't push my lap bar down far enough, as when we went down after rushing up I actually fell up out of my seat. Not enough to be in danger, but still freaky for a second! Ha ha. Then after that my brothers took turns taking our son on a ride, one took him on the Tipsy Teacups and the other one took him on the Bat again. (His request)
Overall it was a fun trip. We didn't push ourselves too hard since we now have passes so we can go all summer!
I think the one thing that kind of felt off for me was while I was waiting to get my son on Scamper. I noticed for several rides that one car would not move unless it was hit, then it would go for awhile and stop again. I don't know why it wasn't taken out of commission earlier, but the ride right before we got on a little girl got into it. Nobody ever got near her so her car never moved. When the ride came to an end, she just broke out bawling. Her mom came and got her and the attendant was out there by her. I was kind of surprised when the attendant just seemingly was only making sure kids got out of their cars and rearranging the cars. After all the kids were out she finally pushed the ineffective purple one over to the edge and turned it off. My personal opinion is that I think she should have told the mom to just transfer her daughter over to another car and she could have another go at it. I would have gladly waited another ride with my son for her to be able to do that.
I did take some pictures but this visit it was all about my sons first visit, so they're all of him. I think maybe later when the trees bloom and all I will start taking pictures for the page I'm thinking about starting.
Looking forward to a summer full of fun!!!
Good to know your family enjoyed the trip, particularly your son.  Would be really interested to hear what he thinks of some of the rides that weren't open today once he gets a chance to go there when they're operational.

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