name and themes of 07 coaster
I have been wondering about this for a while now and now i'm asking you. What do you think would be a good theme and name to fit the theme for this new coaster? I like the industrial themed idea and i also like the name "wearhouse " but there are a LOT of possiblilities out there so what do you think?
"This ride is temporarily closed" the name would fit the theme of all of lagoons new rides
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[Image: mba-badge-purple.jpg]

The Rat.
The Flaming Bird
The Frying Dutchman
[Image: frying_d.gif]
The John Doe
King Arthur..... (to slay the Fire Dragon?)
it should be called "the cave" (seeing as how spiders, bats, dragons and even mice are found in caves) then have part of the ride actually go underground (like during some of the barrel rolls). i think that'd be awesome! Happy
I like your idea englishnerd. Tha would be SWEET!!!! Happy

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