Lost Lagoon Commercials
So I have no Idea if someone discussed this or not but I wonder if anyone has any old lagoon commercials out there the only ones I could find were

2007 or 2008 commercial 
2009 commercial #1 (Behind the scenes)
2009 commercial #2 (or for a music video I have no idea)
2010 frightmares commercial

Okay so this is going to take forever the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and the 2017 normal and frightmares commercials are on the lagoons youtube page
Now does anyone have any copies of Lagoon commercials that are not mentioned above
Wants 2 go 2 Busch Gardens     
Tampa and Virginia
Or any West Coast Theme park  Frown               
Would be great to see some commercials from the 80s or so for us old fogies like Josh (DragonTamer) and I to see. We grew up at Lagoon in that day and age!
not commercial related, but still a great video
The animated Wicked Commercial was 2008, with OdySea in it.

There's Only One, One, One, One, One.....Lagoon! We're my favorite as a kid.

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