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I mentioned this idea a couple months ago and I got a few positive sounding responses to it. I started a page on FB to share pictures I take around Lagoon. Photography has become a hobby of mine and I've found I really enjoy amusement/theme parks and zoos as my subject matter. I have lost track of how many pictures I have from Disneyland and Hogle Zoo, but with having season passes to Lagoon and going back after 13 years, I figured I'd start on my collection of photos there!
Now, keep in mind that I'm still FAIRLY new when it comes to photography. I'm learning how to shoot in manual mode, so not every photo is going to look pristine and perfect. For me I just want to capture some shots of things I find interesting in the park (yes, it will all be landscape type photos. I don't plan on posting personal photos to the page and I am going to try to keep as many strangers out of the shots as possible.) and share them with any who are interested in seeing them.
It's quite bare right now, but with having season passes we are actually going quite often. I don't always take my camera with me, but I'm going to try to bring it at least every other visit so I can try to expand the page.
Follow it if you'd like, it's just easier for me than posting in this forum since I normally only post to this forum via my phone.

Cool. Liked it, so I can see the pics! Smile
I'm interested in seeing people's pics of the park, so I liked and followed.

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