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(07-04-2018, 03:45 PM)Gregory Wrote: Imagine what they could do if they turned all of LAB into a giant Frightmares attraction!  (Yes, I realize that would likely never occur, but think of the possibilities if they did!)

Technically it is already that's where they have all the dress rooms for Frightmares.
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(07-05-2018, 08:32 AM)UtahCoasterEnth Wrote: Technically it is already that's where they have all the dress rooms for Frightmares.
Excellent Point!

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(06-30-2018, 04:34 PM)Brăden Wrote: Lagoon-A-Haunted-Parking-Lot

I 2nd this!

(06-30-2018, 06:39 PM)DragonTamer Wrote: Wouldn't be hard... it's already filled with zombies most of the year.


(07-04-2018, 01:45 PM)Spider003 Wrote: They could move nightwalk into the empty lazy river. That would be neat.

That would make is easier to put the fire since that one likes to catch fire lol.
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LOL! Nightwalk does have a tendency to catch on fire!
I think they should put nightwalk in the Opera House!!!
(07-06-2018, 10:56 AM)gregwibert Wrote: LOL! Nightwalk does have a tendency to catch on fire!
And burnt down my favorite Frightmares prop
Hello again everyone, this post is to everyone looking forward to frightmares. I was at the park Saturday, and I ran over to the Davis pavilion to see if it was open. I have never been iniside it before frightmares, so I have always wanted to explore the inside. I was disappointed see it closed, so I peeked inside a small crack in between the garage door and the wall. I saw a wall with numbers on it and a que line fence. it was odd enough, so I sat on a bench eating my fries looking at the pavilion. Then 2 girl employees came along and unlocked the garage door. I got excited because I thought they were opening it up for the day. but once they were inside they started closing it, so I ran in front of it to see inside. I got a 3 seconed glimpse of the haunted houses and what they looked like so far. what I saw was no walls separating the two, just a car. wood stacks piles around. the clown with a jack in the box prop standing there, the funhouse of fear side just a lot of red and white walls and the terrors of the past side was just black walls with posters. It happened so fast, I didn't see anything else, but a few minutes later a security guy came up to the building and rattled the doors. I asked him if the haunted houses were being built yet, and he said they started construction on Monday. I don't rember the whole conversation, but he told me they are making changes to all of them, and he is re theming the haunted house next to funhouse of fear, which I think means its the new one. when I asked him what it was, I knew he wasn't gonna tell me, but he did! Spoiler warning, he said they were bringing back the nightmare midway. I don't know if he meant that that was the whole house, or if terrors of the past is still there and they made the nightmare midway area better( because it sucked.) but if it is the whole house, I am excited because I never got to go inside! but it also makes me think that they are running out of ideas. anyway, this makes me super excited for frightmares, and I am glad I got to see funhouse for a few moments because that one is my favirote frightmares haunted house. ( because of the set design, and the great acting) what do you all think?
I am going again today. I will take a look around to see if I see any more construction inside the Davis pavilion or in the other ones yet! Tongue
I understand this is my third time in a row commenting on the same thread, but there is so much happening frightmares wise, that its hard to keep quite. They set up construction on all the pavilions, and it turns out I was right about the new haunted house, or the "Re-Themed" haunted house. They changed the website, but the reason I put re themed in quotes is because the website says nightmare midway, but the description is still for terrors of the past. I don't know if they have not changed it yet, or if it is still terrors, and they are changing the nightmare midway part of the house. The website also says they have a new kids haunted house, called Treat Street, and the description talks about Lagoon's rides coming to life. Very confused about that. I wish they brought back 2 spider rated haunted houses. The website still says we have scary and crows, and spook a boo, and another one spider rated seems like a bit much, but I am intrigued to find out what it is. Also, if nightmare midway is a new haunted house, they might bring back the whole original frightmares story. and we will have two clown haunted houses. Which should be fun, considering that funhouse has the most fun actors. anyways, you guys should check out the website, and tell me what you think about Treat Street, because I would love to hear some guesses.
(08-18-2018, 12:06 AM)Lagoon Lover Wrote: tell me what you think about Treat Street, because I would love to hear some guesses.

I'm guessing that there's going to be people dressed as the rides themselves in one way or another. Could be as simple as people dressed up as ladybugs, whales, dragons, bats, etc... or maybe it will be more creative than that and they'll actually resemble the rides. It's actually a great idea IMO. I've had this idea for quite a while that Lagoon should build a sweet suspended dark ride where you go along with Puff as he flies over Lagoon and drops in on some of the park's other inhabitants.

Here's the description of Treat Street:

Lagoon's website Wrote:The magic of Frightmares brings Lagoon’s rides to life in this fun, non-scary outdoor children’s trick-or-treat trail inhabited by the friendly spirits which live inside the rides.

I don't know much about Frightmares, I've only been a couple of times and gone through a couple of houses so I don't have much else to say about the rest of it. I do think they do some creative stuff for Frightmares and don't understand why that level of creativity doesn't spill over into the rest of the season. Maybe it will start to.
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