Hunt for Glory - Lagoon
I received the following post on my page last night and thought some of you might be interested:

Quote:Hey, Lagoon-lovers! I'm creating an app-based scavenger hunt to play in Lagoon Park and I would love your help. It would be great to have some fans join the beta-group and give the hunt a whirl for free over the next 2 weeks, through August 10th. No point in trying to market something I don't know if people will enjoy. In exchange, I would love your feedback! This hunt is not ride-based and allows for some fun touring of the park grounds. Takes up to 2 hours depending on knowledge of the park, and up to three teams of unlimited participants can compete/play at a time (or up to three individuals playing against each other - and you can definitely do it alone).
*Intended participants:
-anyone who wants to add an extra element into their Lagoon visit (ever do one of those tours or extra experiences at Disneyland?!),
-parents with kids not tall enough for or interested in the rides,
-anyone who ends up sitting on the bench vs. joining their group on the rides (pregnancy, nausea, fear, height restriction, waiting for kids, etc)
-anyone who wants to experience the beauty and hidden gems of Lagoon Park outside the rides (I may create a ride-based hunt depending on interest)
-groups with season passports looking for a new way to experience Lagoon
*Requirements: charged smart phone with required app downloaded (info given in advance)

If you have any suggestions, please message me or post here! Otherwise, I'd love to see you in the beta group:

Feel free to like my shiny new FB page for updates: Hunt For Glory, Lagoon

Thank you so much!

Here is the link to the post:
That could be a lot of fun!
Interesting. What do we do with the glory, when we find it?

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