New Bamberger Stage
Lagoon is currently putting up a new stage over Bamberger Fountain.

[Image: 1uXRszP.jpg]

[Image: rcjC3Wz.jpg]

The reason I think it will be a stage:

[Image: xmWgOh1.jpg]

So, I'm thinking they are not going to put up a Game Time Stage this year due to the popularity of Seance. If you look at the Seance show times, they are running one ever hour this year. Last year, they had to time the Seance shows around the ending of the show at Game Time to make sure the music wouldn't interfere with the Seance performance. Putting up a new stage further away makes it possible to run both without having to worry about interference.
That's an interesting & creative utilization of the space. Most of the time that Frightmares will be going on, it's thermally anachronistic to run a big fountain up there anyway, so nice to put it to good use.

I think you're onto something with that clue about it being a stage. Wink
No progress on the new stage. Looks just like it did last week, so I didn't grab new photos.
Updated photos for the new stage:

[Image: qGbPjPl.jpg]

[Image: 0lmJo8G.jpg]

[Image: prCV5Zq.jpg]

[Image: fTuvZGQ.jpg]

[Image: 0lmJo8G.jpg]

[Image: hSMep7p.jpg]
Hey, I've seen something like that before... with spikes on it.
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Oh, fascinating!
(09-09-2018, 11:51 PM)jetstar2 Wrote: Hey, I've seen something like that before... with spikes on it.

Good find. That would be pretty sweet looking.

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So this is interesting. The black parts of the stage are grates. I can't see them going to the expense of that unless they planned on having either water, smoke or lights coming up thru them. I love how all out Lagoon goes on Frightmares.
I miss the fountain already  Cry
I was thinking those would be grates with lights and smoke effects coming through them. Should be cool to see!

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