Frightmares GP?
(09-30-2018, 01:54 PM)gregwibert Wrote: Can't wait to see how parents rationalize letting their kids into the Biergarten next season. lol

Ha!  No kidding, right?
(09-30-2018, 04:28 PM)Lagoon Lover Wrote: I did not mean to offend you are anything, that was just something I thought off, people taking up spots in line for a wet ride to not want to get wet, but your right that is a very good reason, so sorry if I offended you. Also of topic, but that area is to hard for me to hang around in anymore due to the stupid wasp problem. I used to just sit on a bench drinking a swig soda and listen to the water, but now I cant sit down without bees swarming me.

The bees where not a problem until after Lagoon only was open on the weekends. I think that the bees are not getting enough during the week and have to go full force on the weekends when there is easy food to get. Plus I am sure that they are trying to store up for the winter.

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