Just a little FYI in Lagoon-A-Beach
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here or if anybody already knows this, but today we went to Lagoon-A-Beach for the first time this year and brought our own tubes to float the lazy river. (I know it has a technical name, but it's eluding me right now......) As we were laboring about trying to inflate them a friendly employee stopped and told us if we took them over to where they rent tubes they have an air compressor and they'd inflate them for us! It was a nice relief and I figured if anyone else likes bringing their own it could help them too.
On a side note the water actually wasn't too cold! We floated around about 5-6 times just relaxing. It was a great time.

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Oh that's helpful! Thanks for sharing. Smile
That's awesome to know, really cool that not only do they allow personal tubes for the river, but will also pump them up for you.

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