Tidal Wave
So.....we have been to Lagoon 5 times in the past two weeks and unfortunately the past 3 times (that span nearly a weeks time period) the Tidal Wave has been down. It really disappointed my son as it's one of his favorite rides. Today we saw that they were testing it.
Anyone know what happened with it? I'm guessing something wasn't right with it cause the last time we rode it there was a little weird stall as it was gaining momentum.

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That's especially disappointing to hear, considering that it got a fairly massive overhaul & electric conversion this spring. It had been running really well earlier this year; haven't been down for a bit though, so haven't heard anything.
There's a picture of me on the back cover of the Lagoon history book that shows just how much I enjoy the Tidal Wave.

Actually the photographer told us to exaggerate, which I overdid. My shorter long haired friend TJ was very proud to have made the sign of the horns for the camera during the whole ride even if it couldn't see his face. I don't know the other four guys but we talked to them a few times times that day.

Hope it gets fixed.
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Tidal Wave was open yesterday!

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