Crazy Bus Finally Happening?
(10 hours ago)jetstar2 Wrote: So I've found that this will not be the first Crazy Bus in Utah. Who knows where the other one was?
Did 49th street gallery or fun dome
CPrider wins it was Hollywood Connection.
What rides have utah fun dome have? Also what happened to there rides
(6 hours ago)Spy Hunter Wrote: What rides have utah fun dome have?  Also what happened to there rides

I know they had a dragon roller coaster, a big merry go round, a kiddie train and go karts. Outside they had bungee jumping and a catapult type ride. They had other rides but I don't know what. I only went inside the fun dome once.

I went in the 49th Galleria a bunch of times and they had a SR2 Simulator in the early years and a Gravitron in the later years.

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