What ever happened to the Rush Coaster at Seven Peaks Fun Center?
As some of you may know, there is a small powered coaster located at Seven Peaks Fun Center in Lehi. It has been SBNO for I'm not sure how long, and even when it wasn't it was a wild card if it was operating the day you visited. If you don't know about this ride, it is visible on I-15 and is the coaster gong through the mini Mount Rushmore. The RCDB article (you can check here if you are interested) states that the ride would be removed in 2018, which it wasn't. Does anybody know anything about the status of this coaster, and if it will ever operate again? I don't see it opening again probably because of maintenance issues being too costly to deal with it, or generally it not being worth it to operate. I live in the area so I was able to get some rides on it a while back and I remember it being pretty zippy.
Last time I drove past that place (which was early 2020), the coaster was still standing. It hasn't been open for years though.

An SBF-Visa spinning coaster would be a good replacement for that coaster.

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Yeah, I see an SBF being a good replacement for it, it fits the spot of the coaster and would probably be a lot less expensive to operate. Also, having a hamster wheel train like the one shown at IAAPA would be a hit with the local crowd (myself included)
I'm also trying to remember the last time I saw it operating.  It's definitely been quite a while.  It's still listed in the "Attractions" section on the website, which says that it's "Closed until Spring," though the year by the Copyright listing at the bottom of the page is still 2019, and the calendar on the website doesn't list anything as far as any sort of operating hours or the like for the month of May (the last entry in the News section is also dated May 23rd, 2019, so it's very likely that it's been a while since anything on the site has been updated).

I sent in an e-mail to the e-mail address listed on the Contact page, asking about the status of the coaster and, if it indeed going to be removed, if there were any plans for a replacement attraction.  I'll post the reply, if I receive one.

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