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Received this e-mail from Lagoon today:

Dear Season Passport Holders,

We are excited to implement a new program that will enable all our Season Passport Holders to submit their own photo for their Season Passport identification card. Listed below is an easy step-by-step process to submit your Season Passport Photo online in order to have it ready for pick up when you visit the Park once we open.
Cool. I went and got my photo done already when I went on Sunday. I hope they keep this around though. Would be fun to use it next year.

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(05-26-2020, 08:58 PM)DeLorean Wrote: After this season and the new ride being built I think that it's going to be a long time.

I would like Lagoon make a state of the art water park up front west Wicked and then update their parking!

They could do paid cabana's to make extra money from people reserving them and then also do food from the Biergarten.

Maybe even making that area behind Biergarten between the Roller Coaster and Wicked into a 21+ older only.

I don't know if it can be done in Utah, but making that area like ones in Vegas.

Also we need a BIG half pipe and other rides that will be seen from I15
The area behind and to the north and west of the Biergarten is Emergency Access and a Maintenance Area.

(05-24-2020, 09:55 PM)LSFMAN Wrote: Hey guys! I’m heading down to the park Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more excited!! Here are a couple questions for any employees or people who visited this weekend:

What is the reduced capacity for the rides?

How is the park doing restaurant seating?

How dead has it been this weekend? Did the park get anywhere close to 15% capacity?

Thanks in advance! Smile

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Your Mum, Your Mum, and Your Mum. J/K Capacity depends on the particular ride/attraction and it's seating. It depends on the dining location and seating arrangement. There's hardly a wait for any ride.

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