1992 International High Diving Spectacular (NEW INFO AND 14 NEW PHOTOS!)
Greetings to one and all!

My name is Brian Taylor. I was the emcee for the 1992 high diving show. I was in the process of updating my Lagoon links when I came across your web site. I was overjoyed to see that so many people had posted their memories about Lagoon!

I thought it might be a good idea to post some details about the show. If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know. Also, if you have any memories of the diving show, please feel free to post them.

Diving Team:

Stephane Henault (team captain) – Quebec City, Canada
Alain Lobet – Strasbourg, France
Klaus Frislund – Copenhagen, Denmark
Magnus Gardarsson – Reykjavik, Iceland
Raphael Guerrero – Mexico City, Mexico
Bill Brown – Orlando, Florida
Billy Howe – Riverton, Utah
Craig Peterson – Sandy, Utah (now living in Florida)

[Image: 1992IHDS_006A.jpg]

(new photo)
Front row: Alain, Raphael, and Stephane
Back row: Klaus, Brian, and Bill

[Image: 1992IHDS_007A.jpg]

(new photo)
Front row: Alain and Stephane
Back row: Klaus, Bill, and Raphael

[Image: 1992IHDS_008A.jpg]

(new version of photo that was part of my original post)
Front row: Klaus, Stephane, and Raphael
Back row: Magnus and Billy

[Image: 1992IHDS_020A.jpg]

(new photo)
After each show there was usually a small crowd of audience members waiting near the theater exit in the hope of getting a photo with/autograph from the divers. I also went with the divers as they walked around the park in between diving shows. It was great meeting the park's guests! In this photo, Alain, Stephane, and I are chatting with one of the many fans of the diving show.

Sun-N-Fun Theater:

[Image: 1992IHDS_013A.jpg]

(new photo)
You are looking east and toward the entrance to the seating area. These seats were metal and would get very hot in the summer. If you sat anywhere near the stage, you were guaranteed to get wet!


26 feet across by 10 feet deep and held over 40,000 gallons of water.

[Image: 1992IHDS_012A.jpg]

(new photo)
This is what the divers saw when they stood on the 30-foot platform.

Diving Platforms:

The twin diving boards were at 12 feet.
The large platform was at 30 feet.
The first small platform on the dive tower was at 50 feet.
The high dive platform was at 85 feet.

[Image: 1992IHDS_009A.jpg]

(new photo)
This photo was taken during one of our rehearsals.

[Image: 1992IHDS_010A.jpg]

(new photo)
This is a great "behind the scenes" photo. You can see all the scaffolding that holds the diving platform in place. You can also see the stadium seating for the audience and the control booth.

[Image: 1992IHDS_016A.jpg]

(new photo)
A mass dive.

Ever wonder what the divers saw from the 85 foot platform? Check out the following video clip and see for yourself (there is no sound with this clip - the original audio was of poor quality so I omitted it).


Show Times:

Daily at 2:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 8:30 p.m. An additional show was performed at 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays.

Show Themes:

There were three different themes and an extra special event in the last show of the day…

[size=16pt]"Diving Contest"[/size]

[Image: 1992IHDS_001A.jpg]

(new photo)
This is a photo from the beginning of the "Diving Contest" show. Prior to the divers coming out on stage, I would walk up to the map of the world and point to Barcelona, Spain (the host city for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games).

In this show, three members of the audience were chosen to act as judges for an impromptu Olympic-style diving contest between two divers (usually it was Alain and Raphael). Each diver would take a turn performing a dive and then the judges would rate the dive using numbered cards. Once the divers had performed their first dive, a second round of diving took place. Alain would announce that he was going to do the “Triple Split” dive. This dive would soak the judges (who were carefully seated right at the edge of the pool). Everyone would run for cover, and I would ask Alain where he learned that dive. He would say, “My diving coaches!” I demanded to speak with them and this would start the comedy section of the show.

The comedy section featured all the divers in wild costumes performing ridiculous (and very dangerous!) stunt dives. The audience would go CRAZY and all the water the divers were splashing out of the pool would soak everyone in the first five rows!


The high dive portion of the show would then commence. Alain made the majority of the high dives, however, all the divers took turns doing this. Once the diver made the dive and came up out of the pool, the other divers would gather round the pool and wave goodbye to the audience.


[size=16pt]"Photographer/The Sweeper"[/size]

In this show, a “visitor to the park” would sit in the audience at the start of the show taking photos of the divers. After the opening dives of the show, the divers would go to the 30-foot platform for a “group dive”. As they were getting ready to dive, the “visitor” would appear at the 30-foot platform and interrupt the show. The divers would then have the audience count to three and throw the “visitor” off the platform and into the pool.


After the “visitor” left the stage, I would begin talking about how much time and practice the team had put in for the show, etc. One of the divers (usually Alain) would appear on one of the diving boards and tell the audience he had to “sweep!” the diving board off. He would climb out on to one of the board and hand upside down by his feet while sweeping the underside of the board. One of the other divers would come out and strike the diving board Alain was hanging from with another broom (or, on occasion, Alain would fall from the board without assistance), which would start the comedy section of the show. This show also concluded with a high dive.


[size=16pt]"Dolly Diver/Baby Busters"[/size]

In this show, four of the divers would dive from the 30-foot platform one after the other. The fourth “diver” (Dolly, an inflatable doll) would be thrown off the platform and would land in the audience.


After Dolly was rescued from the audience, one of the divers would be called back to the stage. I would ask the diver if he would please do the “Spotter” dive, a very special and dangerous dive he had been working on. He would agree and climb up to one of the diving boards. Just as he was beginning to do his dive, a “mother” (usually Stephane) would run into the theater screaming that she had lost her baby. I would try to calm her down. She would then point at the diving board where her “baby” (usually Alain) was bouncing the board so hard it looked like he would be thrown off of it. I would then ask the audience what we should do - this would cue the “Baby Busters” music (a parody of “Ghostbusters”) and the divers would out in costumes and squirt the audience with mega-sized water guns. This would start the comedy section of the show. This show also ended with a high dive.

[Image: 1992IHDS_004A.jpg]

(new photo)
Matt, Billy, Klaus, and Magnus are ready for the "Baby Busters" show.

[Image: 1992IHDS_014A.jpg]

(new photo)
Stephane dressed at the "mother" for the "Baby Busters" show.

[Image: 1992IHDS_015A.jpg]

(new photo)
Klaus dressed as the "baby" for the "Baby Busters" show.


[size=16pt]"Fire Dive"[/size]

The last show of the evening was the "Diving Contest" and featured one additional dive from the 30-foot platform. One of the divers (usually Stephane) would put on a special suit. Part of this suit was a cape soaked in a flammable liquid. At just the right moment, the diver would light the cape on fire, wait a moment or two, and then dive into the pool. The moment the fire diver came up out of the pool, the audience would erupt with cheers and applause!

[Image: 1992IHDS_011A.jpg]

(new photo)
The night time shows were the most fun of all! Starting at the back and moving clockwise we have Billy, Raphael, Klaus, Alain, Magnus, and Stephane.


Were you one of the judges for the "Diving Contest"? Did you get soaked by the "Baby Busters"? How many of you saw the "Fire Dive" at night?

I look forward to reading about your experiences!
I always enjoyed the high dive show, I got to be a judge for the show once. I was also there when they set out to break the highest fire dive record. It was a fun show to watch.
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I remember back in the late 80s there was a high diving show and then right before I moved, they did away with it and instead had some seals or something like that swimming around in the tank. Wish I could have seen your shows!
When I worked at Cedar Point and watched their Diving Show, it really made me miss Lagoon's that much more! Too bad Lagoon doesn't build a new Diving Venue and Bring it Back!
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Thanks for adding that information. That's some awesome stuff and it's really detailed. I'll have to add a link to your post. And the pictures you provide are great as well. I could barely remember the show anymore so this was really good to read.
Good evening to one and all...

Over the Independence Day weekend, I came across a video tape that was given to me by Stephanà Hainault, the captain of the diving team. The tape was recorded on Saturday, July 25th, 1992. It contained all of the shows we performed that day plus a bonus - the view from the top of the diving platform!

I have created eight video clips from the tape and have posted them here for your enjoyment. Seven clips feature moments from the shows and the eighth clip shows you the view from the 85 foot platform.

For those of you who remember the show, these clips are sure to take you back to the summer of '92.

For those of you who do not remember the show (or perhaps did not see the show), these clips will give you a sense of how wild and hysterical the shows were.

Brian, Thank You for posting these Videos! It's great to be taken right back to the Sun and Fun Theater at the age of 9! Great to see what the park looked like way back then! It looks like the Old Auto Gates were still in place back in 1992 as well! Smile
DISCLAIMER: This post contains my own personal views and opinions and do not reflect the views and opinions of any Company or Organization. Furthermore, I do not purport to speak on behalf of any Company or Organization and it's views or opinions.
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Great Vids! I had to lol at the last one though... "He will light himself on fire! at which point he will vertualy engulfed in flame..."
What an awesome show... I wish it would still be around! Many thanks for posting these videos, Brian. Smile

Those are AWESOME! I couldn't remember this show at all so it was nice to be able to watch what it was like. It also made me realize that back then Lagoon's shows truly entertained the people watching them. I'm not trying to put down today's entertainment because I actually find it very good but these days all of Lagoon's shows are just people singing a collection of songs and dancing around the stage.

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