2007 Entertaintment
Lagoon has posted its entertainment schedule for 2007. The afternoon show in the Carousel Theatre is now called "Electric 80's". And the show in the Music USA theatre is called "On Broadway". Last year only one show was available on Sunday, that was Club-A-Go-Go. This year only "On Broadway" will be closed on Sunday, both of the other shows will be available on Sunday and will take either Monday or Tuesday off.

I think that is a good way to balance the shows day off and still have entertainment available to the guests throughout the day on Sunday.

I am looking forward to "Electric 80's" since that is one of my favorite eras of music. I did enjoy Club-A-Go-Go last year but I only saw it a few times. I am going to make more of an effort to see the shows this year. (last year I was to busy getting knocked around on the Wild Mouse to watch the shows during the regular season)

I'm interested in the "on broadway" I remember years ago lagoon did a broadway show and I loved how the girl sounded that sang phantom.
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^^ Music USA has always been Dark on Sundays. Wink Electric 80's will be Dark on Mondays and Rock U2 The Top will be Dark on Tuesdays. Wink
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Cool, Im'a have to go check some of the entertainment this year, never been!  Laugh

I've never been to any of their shows either Happy

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OOOH OOOH! I'm going to go to Rock U2 The Top, looks cool!

Quote:Lloyd please type your posts in word first, then spell check, then copy, and then paste and post.
I'm using fire fox it has never told me that i'v is wrong :-\ Happy
Hmm... Firefox is just being smart

i guess
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